We're Aaron, Liam and Karl. Don't worry about our surnames; you won't have heard of us.

At the end of 2019, we had an idea for a podcast that we were pretty sure had never been done before: a problem-solving show in which the agony aunts answer listeners' problems not with their own wisdom and intelligence, but by recommending books, music and films that might just hold the key to the issues. And rather than checking whether or not someone had beaten us to it, or asking any of our friends if they liked the idea, we went out and bought some microphones and formulated plans to make it happen. You only live once, we thought - we might as well give it a go!

And then 2020 happened. 

But like everyone else, we powered through this appalling year and managed to fit in some recording sessions without breaking any rules or putting each other in danger. We probably haven't solved many problems, but we've had fun trying. And now, we're ready to show the world what we've created.

In 30 days' time, we're dropping the first three episodes of Agony Art - the world's first* problem-solving** podcast in which the agony aunts give no real advice, but instead try to resolve your issues with art recommendations, like some kind of spam marketing e-mail that knows exactly what you need to hear, and tries to sell you the opposite.

They'll be available from 2nd December 2020 on all good podcast platforms, and we'd love it if you gave them a go. We'll be dropping new episodes weekly into 2021, so if you like what you hear, hit Subscribe and make sure you never miss a problem.

And if you have a particularly trivial problem that really doesn't need solving, why not head on over to the Submit a Problem page to see if we can help?

We hope you're all keeping well and safe and happy, and we look forward to spewing our terrible "advice"** straight into your earholes. See you next month!

- The Agony Art team

* probably, we didn't check.

** please note that problems submitted to Agony Art must be 100% certified trivial or fictional, and are unlikely to be solved to any reasonable standard. Advice given on the Agony Art podcast should not be followed, and the Agony Art team will accept no responsibility for lives ruined as a result of following terrible advice.