After nearly a year of leaving you to solve your problems on your own, the Agony Art team are back to give you all the bad advice you'll ever need, starting next week - 12th October 2022.

Have you lost all your confidence? Are you struggling to watch your favourite football team head toward relegation? Or have you just spent the last year terribly worried that your favourite podcast will never return?

No matter how trivial or fictional the pickle, the Agony Art lads have the solution, in the form of examples from films, books and music. Subscribe now on your favourite podcast platform, and never miss an episode.

The first two series are still available on this site and all good podcast apps, so if you want to hype yourself up before the big launch, check those out now. And if that isn't enough to get you excited, here's a high-budget trailer that will tell you literally everything nothing that you need to know about the new series.