This week, we're reviving our full-length format to bring you a finale packed with more content than any episode before it. Brace yourself for thousands of hours of art recommendations, another impossible game show, and an awards ceremony so self-indulgent that we would have abandoned the whole thing, had it not been so much fun.

Here's all the art we recommended.

(Art we only mentioned in passing, and never intended as a problem-solving recommendation, is in italics.)


Films / TV

  • Aaron said that Steinbeck: A Life in Letters was edited by Robert "Wallstep", but that was a case of bad handwriting. The real editor is Robert Wallsten. Sorry Robert.

Picture above made up from pictures of Fleetwood Mac - Rumours; Rocky; Stephen King (on Sons of Anarchy); David Bowie; The Karate Kid; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; Morrissey; and Beverley Hills Chihuahua.
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