The wait is nearly over, Agony Art fans. Your favourite agony aunt podcast (well, okay, maybe second favourite) returns next Wednesday, 15th September for series 2, and it's filled with more book, film and music recommendations than ever, and more listener-submitted problems than we could possibly solve.

Which really means it has more than 0 problems, since we're not very good at solving any of them.

Expect mild amusement and extreme tunes, as we make all-new attempts to solve your trivial and/or fictional pickles using examples from the media we love, all while doing terrible impressions of celebrities and hosting game shows that make no sense, even to those who are playing them.

Forgotten what Agony Art even was? Then check out What is Agony Art? on the menu above. If you've never even heard of Agony Art and you need more details (how did you get here?!), there's even a Great Agony Art FAQ that'll teach you all about us.

And if you've got a trivial and/or fictional problem that you'd like us to solve, you can submit it at the Submit a Problem page. But please remember that we're not expert problem-solvers by any stretch of the imagination, so if you have a problem that's causing you real anguish you should refer it to someone with the skills to help you through it - you can find some of those at Real Help Resources.

So, with that information dump out of the way, we'd better go and start recording - we've only got a week to get a whole series together! We'll see you on all good podcast platforms from next Wednesday. Catch you on the flip side!